This post is part of a series of essays bundled under “Traveling without moving”.

Intro of that series can be found here.

The plan/ambition with this series: to share where I have been in 2020, what I learned, where I am going, and what is required.

The broader quest is to discover what is required to enable real change.

After the Pause-Post of end Nov 2020, we continue with “Play”.

It is a poem I wrote in 2012 laying at a pool at the Paradores Hotel in La Palma (Canary Islands), watching the birds playing in the blue sky…

This post is part of a series of essays bundled under “Travelling without Moving”.

Intro of that series can be found here.

After the Silence post of last week, we continue with Pause.

In “Silence”, I mentioned “Stop the clocks — Manifesto for a Slow Future”, Joke Hermsen’s book about Silencing the Time. Minutes after I published that post, I got a notification of a new book by Joke Hermsen

“Ogenblik & Eeuwigheid” or “Moment & Eternity” opens with Joke’s reflections on a Kairos/Chronos exhibition she curated in 2017 in the Gaasbeek Castle south of Brussels. …

It’s almost one year (!) since my previous Dec 2019 update. And what a year it was/still is! I basically stayed home for the whole period and had zero travel since Oct 2019.

I am publishing this on the day Belgium is entering its second Covid-19 lockdown. A forced pause-marathon starting on my 63th birthday on 1 Nov till at least mid-Dec 2020. But I am afraid the effort will have to run until deep into 2021 and I am preparing for it as an “interval of possibility”.

An interval of possibility is a temporal framing to see better what…

As promised, here is the TimeCapsule video for the virtual opening vernissage of my first solo exhibition.

Subtitles are available in NL/UK

With contributions by my cousin and John Oliver from Joost Vander Auwera (Senior Curator — Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium, Brussels), Interior Truth. With lots of gratitude. Chris Vanbeveren (my Art Painting coach — Academy for Visual Arts, Ghent, Belgium), Frank Poncelet (synthesizer soundscape, co-student Digital Visual Arts, Ghent, Belgium),

Background music credits: by Meydän — Tracks: Pure Water, Under Water, Please Wake Up

All other artwork, video, soundscape, poems, video editing by Petervan. …

I am excited to announce and invite you to Petervan Virtual Solo, my first solo exhibition of some recent artwork.

A collection of sketches — paintings — soundscapes — videos — 3D sculptures — digital sketches — AI warpings — poems — fairy tales — timecapsules

To visit Petervan Virtual Solo, go to

An irregular update on what happened since my previous August 2019 post and some updated plans. With lots (!) of images and videos 😉 Looks like I have been busy, but it did not feel that way.

The Artschool Project

The Artschool academy year started again in Sep 2019, and I decided to do a cross-over year combining Painting and Digital Visual Arts. Progress has been a bit slow as I need to find a good rhythm to combine these two areas, and the abundance in creative apps has overwhelmed me a bit, to be honest. Some examples:

Canvas work

August 30, 2019 by petervan

Following my post “ Who is the composer?”, I got the opportunity to have a conversation with the man himself: Ozark. He told me the story of what happened when he tried to conduct a philharmonic orchestra for a film soundtrack he had written. I did not know he wrote a score for a film, but he did. It is the score for the film Crusade in Jeans and the music is performed by with the Metropole Orchestra from The Netherlands. All professional musicians used to work with artists in residence.

There is some real…

Who is the composer? Who wrote the score?

August 24, 2019 by petervan

Sometimes, the orchestra metaphor is used in leadership contexts, representing the leader as the conductor, steering/leading the orchestra. I believe the asymmetric relationship of the “leader” with his/her “followers” is a flawed metaphor.

The more interesting and critical question is “Who wrote the score?”. In other words, “Who is the composer?”. I already alluded to this in my good/bad-change-post.

"Heroes" and others by Ozark Henry and National Orchestra of Belgium

Quote by Robert Fritz

“In an orchestra, it is not the conductor or individual musicians who are in control. It is the composer. The composer’s…

Imagining worlds you believe in

August 17, 2019 by petervan

As mentioned in my August 2019 update, I am helping a client with an immersive leadership offsite. I am starting to label this sort of work “Artistic interventions, interruptions, and provocations that lead to higher states of alertness and aliveness.”

Coincidently, Sarah Perry just posted her swan song essay on “Meaning as Ambiguity”, referring to the work of Christopher Alexander (one of my all-time heroes) and coiner of “ The Quality Without a Name” and “ The Fifteen Geometric Properties of Wholeness” from Chapter-22 of his fantastic book “ The Battle for the Life and…

On the Ambiguity of Kayakers

August 9, 2019 by petervan

Ambiguity is often related to “uncertainty”. Uncertainty is the “U” and Ambiguity is the “A” of the VUCA world (Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). VUCA is a term that dates from 1987, and almost 30 years old.

Jamais Cascio

Already end 2018, Jamais Cascio (Institute For The Future) coined a new acronym that in my opinion better captures today’s “ambiguity”: “BANI”. The term kept on simmering in my brain. My summary:

BANI stands for:

  • B = BRITTLE = strong systems breaking down, hard but likable to break easily
  • A = ANXIOUS = feeling there are no…

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